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Ethiopia: An Ethiopian man kills his wife and daughter and hang himself

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Ethiopia: An Ethiopian man kills his wife and daughter and hang himself - his neighbors said we can't believe yonathan would do something like this he loves his daughter and carries her everyday to school and his relationship with his wife was good they were always happy and never fight but Jennifer's father said yonathan threatened her when he knows she files for a divorce saying "i will kill you if you don't stop what you are doing" .


south east of Addis Ababa. It is 50 kilometers clear from the capital city, which is smooth and rapidly broadening town found at a rise of 1900 meters. This is just the spot to have a concise week's end escape since it acknowledges warm air and exists around of beautiful opening lakes.These plan of volcanic cavity lakes incorporating Debrezeytmore than their work making Debrezeyt incredible are moreover noted for their fowl life, the most spectaculars being Bishoftu and Green Lakes. has a brought central level moving up in extend from 2,000 to 3,000 meters over the sea level. There are around 25 mountains whose apexes arrive at in excess of 4,000 meters in the North and the Center of the country. The most outstanding Ethiopian conduit is the Blue Nile or Abay, which streams a division of 1,450 kilometers from its source kilometers north of Addis Ababa over the Entoto Mountains experiencing the Sululta Plains to the Monastery of Debre Libanos, found in the thirteenth century by Abune Tekle Haymanot. Dismissing the Jemma River Gorge, a tributary of the Blue Nile, this strict network has administrative, social and recorded relics, and displays a phenomenal backwoods of trees that have evaporated from elsewhere in the zone. In travel you can in like manner visit the sixteenth century interface that is up 'til now used today and acknowledged to have been worked by the Portuguesesouthwest of Addis Ababa to visit some archeological districts similarly as the immaculate shake sliced church of Adadi Mariam. At the antiquated site of Melka Kuntare, you get the chance to watch the long history of our species' antecedents. Keep on visiting the stelae of Tiya from the fourteenth century and recorded as one of Ethiopian's nine UNESCO World Heritage regions

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